Installing a New Dishwasher - Use Lowe's or our trusted plumber of choice?

Hello all,

After 10 years, our original dishwasher finally kicked the bucket (pun intended) - it sprung a leak. We have found a new Bosch dishwasher we’d like to buy at Lowe’s. Lowe’s is quoting $230 to install it and haul away the old, assuming they can use existing lines and plumbing (these were not the problem before). I called the plumber we like and he quoted $605 to install it.

Wow, that’s a big difference! I asked my trusted plumber why the difference, and he basically said “if anything goes wrong with the Lowe’s installation it’s going to be a headache”. Also, he will guarantee his work for 3 years.

So I came here to ask… does anyone have experience with the big box retailers installing a dishwasher? Is it really that difficult to install a dishwasher that it should cost $400 more to have my preferred plumber do it?

I’m usually a get-what-you-pay-for guy, but $370 more seems like a lot.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. Shout out to anyone recognizing me from the old days and the old boards - it’s been a while and I do miss those old boards :slight_smile:

Lowes has normally been our vendor of choice for appliances, many times they have the install and take away free as part of the deal, and we’ve not had any problems… I used to all my own, but, it’s time to let others do the work. I even have been known to supply adapters, tools to the guys doing the install…

I do have a favorite local plumber, and he doesn’t come cheap, and they do stand behind their work. Used his Dad while he was still working, good people… They did a major kitchen drain leak fix a while back, it was complicated by asbestos ducting that had to go away, then the plumbing, then replace all the furnace/AC ducting… I think we lost those old postings, but it was fun…

If not in a rush, they, Lowes might have a deal coming along… Can’t hurt to ask…

Have fun!


Replacing a dishwasher is not that complex, so you ought to be able to trust the Lowe’s guy. Also, before the installation begins, check for dents etc., and don’t accept the delivery if you see any. Using their installation service should simplify things if there are problems.


Avoid using either of them. Just do the installation yourself.

Yes, it’s going to take you more time they they would, and you’re going to have to haul away the old one yourself. But you’ll avoid their abusive labor charges, AND you’ll gain some valuable experience.

Both Lowes and Home Depot have handyman installers who do a good job at a reasonable price. Some are better than others. I recommend them. I’ve also been pleased with Angi’s list. They give you a quote and monitor customer satisfaction.



Why buy a new dishwasher? Why not just fix the leak?

For that matter why not just wash your dishes by hand?


The Lowes/HD folks do at least a dozen of your brand every week. Your Trusted Plumber may or may not have installed a single unit of your brand this week. It is not hard or complex, but little things like do you really have to use the cheap wrench to adjust washer feet (vs a standard thin wrench) exactly how to get French Doored Refrigerator whose depth and width are both over 36 inches through an exterior 36 inch door are worth something. (For those not knowing the actual side to side clearance on exterior doors it is in the range of 1.5 inches less than the nominal size.)


If Lowe’s stands behind the work, why not?

I’ve installed a dishwasher, and it’s dead-easy. Generally you need to remove the old unit (noting drain, source, and power connection), unbox and connect the new unit, slide it under the cabinet, and secure a couple of screws at the front to attach it to the counter.

Recently I changed the supply tube because a plumber (while replacing my shut-offs) noted that it was a nylon tube that was starting to show signs of its age. He recommended I get a steel mesh tube. So I bought one, pulled out the dishwasher, and swapped the hoses.


I just installed a new Bosch bought from Lowes. They charged $30 to haul away the old one. My installation was different than the old one. The new Bosch had a cord you plug in, a supply connection for a metal flexible supply line, and a drain hose that attaches to the garbage disposal. It all assumes the dishwasher is next to the sink and the connections are under the sink. If your old one is the same or similar, installation is easy and Lowes should be able to handle it. You probably can too.

My old one had a hardwired Frankenstein electrical connection, was 8 feet from the sink, and the subfloor was damaged by the leak in the old one. It was a fun project for the week before Christmas.


It’s 10 years old and the leak is not related to a hose. It seems the bottom of the tub is simply degrading to the point of not being worth the repair. My understanding is 10 year old builder-grade dishwashers are not really worth the money sink to fix.

Thanks for all the replies! Very helpful advice


In my last 3 municipalities paying Lowes/HD $30 to haul away an old appliance was the cheapest option unless I wanted to have it in my yard/bedroom.

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Good point.

That does seem high for a re-install, since they should be able to simply hook it up where the old one was hooked up. On the other hand, if the job gets complicated the Lowe’s installer might be in over their head.

Hoses with stainless mesh around then are a Really Good Idea.