Swks Comes Out on Top

Good article about Skyworks metrics compared to other high growth companies. See how it stacks up.



Hey Everyone,
First I want to thank everyone for their effort, time, and wisdom on this board.

I just got back into investing through a class I just finished in financial management and decided to revisit the Motley Fool last week. This morning SWKS was my first purchase in 8 years, based on my own analysis but a lot of that relied on the people on this board.

I believe 1YPEG is a fairly new concept to this board, but this article seems to make a good point:

“Why look at sales? Because companies’ earnings figures are sometimes skewed by one-time items and, therefore, can be meaningless.”

Anyone gonna switch to Stock Price/Sales over 1 Year Sales Growth? My own thoughts is that the market likes earnings over sales (for whatever reason) and I dont know of many people that use price/sales over price/earnings. But comparing the two ratios could point out the need for further investigation if there are large variances. Thoughts?

Thanks Again!
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the market likes earnings over sales (for whatever reason)

It is really easy to increase sales if you are losing money. Sooneer or later though, it catches up to you (remember the 2000 tech crash?). The goal is to make money! (i.e., earnings).