SWKS Conference call transcript




thanks Alex!

I called IR twice yesterday, and this morning the call is working on the Skyworks investor site. I like listening when I can because you get emphasis that is not evident in the transcript.

I liked what I heard especially the enthusiasm about the engineering team being acquired, and how PMC was not efficient in manufacturing and SWKS will be able to improve manufacturing quickly for PMC products.

As I listened to the presentation I wondered if the combined company was going to hurt INFN. SKWS has been a better operator, if they bring their opening success to the IP that PMC has they could really impact the other players.

I thought it was pretty weird to go so far from their expertise with this acquisition, but Management is very excited; they are smart and successful operators so I am inclined to stick with them and believe them when they say that this is a great opportunity for them to expand their reach.

Long SWKS, Flygal