SWKS content in lastest smart phones

Teardown revealed SWKS components in the S6.

Skyworks SKY78042 Multimode Multiband (MMMB) Front-End Module (FEM)
Skyworks SKY13415 Antenna Switch

I google those SWKS parts and found the following info:

For the antenna switch:
Qty Price
1 - 99 $1.16
100 - 2499 $0.882
2500 - 9999 $0.808

For the SWY78042, I only found a website that should import data for this part. It was listed at 218 Indian Rupees. ( https://www.zauba.com/import-9+09/hs-code-85423900-hs-code.h… ). At the current exchange rate of 1 INR to $0.16, the price comes out to $3.49. If you apply a similar discount for volume (about 30%) as the other part, you get price of $2.44.

Assuming my assumptions are right, each S6 will give SWKS about $3.25 of revenue per S6. Samsung has gone on record saying that they expect to sell 70M of their latest model Galaxy phones. That would mean $227M in revenue for SWKS. There were some reports of 20M in preorders:


How many S6 phones do you think Samsung manufactured prior to release? Release date was April 10, 2015.

I read somewhere that SWKS is getting about $4 of content in the iPhone 6 and 6Plus. Apple sold 61.2M iPhones last quarter, but they weren’t all the latest model. Probably most of them though. So if the average content was $3.50 then that’s $214M in revenue just from the iPhones. Apple also sold 74.5M iPhones in the quarter ending 12/31/2014.

Apple will probably sell >200M iPhones this year in total. Samsung will probably sell at least 50M of their new phones this year. That would be $862M in revenue for SWKS from just 2 customers in 2015. Last year, SWKS had #2.29B in sales. We’ll find out Thursday how Q2 came in, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their exceed their own guidance of $1.12 in adj. EPS per share.



I am very impressed by the depth of this research! Thanks for sharing.