Puzzled by an unexplained anomaly: very good results - and very good results from the biggest customer. SP nevertheless falls from what seems a reasonable price. Where it is now, I would like a few more, but not until the reason can be discounted, if it can.

Any views welcome!

Puzzled by an unexplained anomaly…very good results…SP nevertheless falls…Any views welcome!


Morningstar Grades: B-B-B
Zacks Rating: 2 Grades: C-C-B
Analysts Avg Rating: Strong Buy
Ex-Div Date: 8/4/17
All Systems: GO


Meanwhile, Apple chip suppliers Broadcom (AVGO) and Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) are both looking to enter buy range.

John Hussman Invests Heavily in Technology in 2nd Quarter

I only found 1 negative article, based largely on technical analysis:
We looked at Skyworks Solutions Inc. (SWKS) last week and came away with a negative vibe: “Bottom line: the charts and indicators for SWKS are pointing to weakness ahead. Plan accordingly.”

5.7% SWKS

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I thought I had it when I discovered SWKS has some link with QCOM and may be affected by an adverse judgement in the QCOM-AAPL lawsuit - less input into the iPhone by QCOM if it loses and knock-on effect on SWKS. This noted in Barrons 6 or 7 July (which I found by googling Skyworks Qualcomm).

However, when I put up the chart for a couple of months, daily, SWKS cf. Nasdaq and SMH, the SWKS SP movement seemed more or less in line with recent moves. Clearly the above is worth noting though and I will, yet again, take profits on this ‘gift which keeps on giving’ if my holding continues to erode.

The fundamentals are beautiful but it’s tech.

This has to do with Qualcomm’s patent infringement suit against Apple, not Apple’s restraint-of-trade suit against Qualcomm:



The fundamentals are beautiful but it’s tech.

Great quote! That’s the first time I’ve heard it, but not the first time I’ve thought it. Rapid change is great when you’re on the right side of the trade, but that too seldom lasts for the long haul.