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Apple Supplier Skyworks Cites Diversification In Beat

Skyworks Solutions late Thursday posted better-than-expected fiscal Q2 sales and earnings, and the Apple chip supplier gave guidance well ahead of Wall Street targets. The report helped ease the sting of mixed results late Wednesday from two other top-performing chipmakers, Cavium and another Apple supplier, NXP Semiconductors.

Woburn, Mass.-based Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ:SWKS), which makes radio frequency and analog chips, reported an 85% jump in earnings per share ex items to $1.15 for the quarter ended March 31. Revenue climbed 58% to $762.1 million……

“Across the board, we see more content opportunities in each successive generation of device and integrated solutions displacing conventional, discreet components,” Skyworks CEO David Aldrich said in a conference call with analysts. “As this happens, a host of component providers who lack our technology breadth, our integration capabilities and our systems expertise are simply unable to keep pace….If you look at the devices (like) thermostats, it started with smart meters and moved into all kinds of categories: gaming, now lighting,” he said. “Complex home routers are a huge opportunity for us, these media gateways being provided by the various cable and wireless service providers have many dollars of content for us….I like wearables a lot because the consumer content there is high and we’ve got a good entre with our low-power Wi-Fi switching products. Automotive has been a bit of a sleeper. … only recently do you start to see with the advent of smart automobiles and kind of a connected-hub environment that exists in the car.”…



Just a suggestion. Would have helped to Title the thread,
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Saul, Just a suggestion. Would have helped to Title the thread,
“SWKS - Investor Bus Daily Article”.

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