Syrian mercs?

Russia looks to recruit Syrians into Ukraine war: report

Russian officials are looking to recruit Syrian soldiers to fight in Ukraine as battles are set to intensity in and around major cities, The Wall Street Journal reported.

U.S. officials told the Journal that Moscow is specifically recruiting Syrian fighters for their expertise in urban combat fighting…

I can think of several reasons to use mercs.

-blame the rape and pillage on “rogue underlings”

-scapegoats when the invasion fails?

-calculation that the Russian public doesn’t care about Syrian mercs being killed.

-The Syrians, like the Ukrainians, are combat vets, having fought a civil war for years, so don’t come unglued when someone shoots at them, like green Russian draftees probably do.

So, how would the Syrians stack up against Ukrainians? Mercs, Syrian or Wagner Group, want to live to enjoy all the loot they are being paid. Ukrainians are fighting for their home.


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Perhaps another reason can be added?

It sounds like the Russians aren’t really into killing their kinfolks, the Ukrainians?

So, bring in foreigners who have no emotional connection to the targets?


Steve and Ralph,

Putin bringing in mercenaries is almost a total non-issue.

What is he going to pay them in? Borscht?

If he is going to pay them in Rubles they will be shooting on the Kremlin.

What is he going to pay them in? Borscht?

Putin has been backing the Syrian regime with troops and equipment for years. Time for Assad to be leaned on for some return on the investment. Just like the mob paying a bright lad’s way through law school, so that, when that bright lad is an attorney general, prosecutions of the mob always seem to go awry.