SZYM and FDA announcement


I didn’t see anyone else mentioned this and the stock is not reacting to it, but this to me seems like a big deal and one of the reasons I was excited about this company in the first place. The other piece I was really interested in was SZYM’s algae oils in cosmetics.…

…" pleased to announce that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a favorable response to Solazyme’s notification concluding that Whole Algal Protein is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) as an ingredient in food and beverage products. This No Questions letter will further pave the way for mainstream adoption of this new source of vegan protein enabling the creation of new products that meet consumer demand for healthy, sustainable ingredients"

This seems to really open the opportunities for all sorts of food and beverage options down the road? Am I wrong?

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This seems to really open the opportunities for all sorts of food and beverage options down the road? Am I wrong?</i?

Hi Zild,
I agree but most of us on this board that bought SZYM did so at somewhere between $9 and $12 so, dipping back into that pond is more difficult.

I have been thinking that just one sale of the flour to one big company, now that it has been accepted as generally not damaging to health, would be a huge positive…maybe even move the needle 20% or more, so I am rethinking my hold position to buying a bit more, only put off by warnings of position size. This position, should I enter it, would be for a short term gain to lower my basis which I think under expected scenario will take 2-3 year before the stock rises again.

Still pondering and will probably watch more before taking any action.
PS as you can see the stock has done nothing today even on the heels of that good news and there has been no insider buying since around April, 2013. I’ll watch for someinsicer buying this coming week…that would be a good sign.

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The company needs to first show that they can stop bleeding money. There’s likely to be no resurgence in the stock price until the company manages to get its business plan and finance in order. This one is still highly speculative and I would punt what I can afford to loose.

I prefer buying call options for such punts. 2017 leaps are available on this one. But with VIX at 22 the call options are probably expensive …


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