For anyone still hanging in there.

As you may recall, I held onto some shares (small position, <.4%), bought some few shares at $2.25 (to celebrate their new strategy which made business sense to me and try to catch a move up) and then sold a bunch of puts that look likely to reduce my costs if things continue the way they have.

Also, today I got the idea that with this stock there could be a bigger bounce, beyond the normal good news bounce. One that ignores the lack of profit…as happened when it was in the $20’s… and a lack of ANY progress on the first, high volume Moema strategy…call it a “finally some good news” reaction". There is a strong cadre of owners who believe in the technology and even though the investing premise changed when Moema didn’t produce as expected, the product remains stellar as evidenced by this PR from SZYM. For me, that’s enough to take some risks.…

I am not adding to my investments with this company now but if I were more of a gambler, I would.
FYI only