Take a look at this - historic 2022 PER, SP500

Dear all,

This is one of my favourite tools for measuring how mad the market is.

If you ever look at this page and it’s bright red, personally, I’d run away from SP500 index trackers.

Some of those numbers are absolutely wild.

218x? (NVDA)

499? (AMD)

1018x? (CRM)

truly batshit bonkers

oil, miners, banks look ‘cheap’ but may be peak of cycle.

It’s worthwhile to scan this picture every few months to spot companies that stand out as unusually cheap in their sector.

This is one of the tools that lead me to $TM (bought $132 sold $144 in the space of a week or two) and $PFE/$BNTX (still playing out… but had quite exciting rallies on Tuesday)