Hi everybody,

I have discovered this board few month ago, and I am please to read insightful posts from serious people doing deep analysis of the so called “Saul’s stocks”. I have read a lot of Saul’s posts, and his ideas makes lot of sense. I like particularly the collaboration spirit of everyone here, with open minds and respect. I have started to include some of the great stock you discuss here such as AYX, CRWD, and DDOG.I may contribute later but for now I do not have the experience most of you already have got.

I have just a little question. Maybe that would seems trivial for you. And I hope it will not be too much out of topic but here it is :

Most of you seems to easily drop a stock if you do not like any more its story, to buy an other one. My concern is about taxes. I live in France and here we have taxes of 30% of the gains we have made when selling a stock. From what I know in US, it can be as high as 20%. I am always reluctant to sell a stock because I lose a part of the advantage of “compounded interests” while paying taxes, which is not good for long term investing. But no one seems to care about that here. And I wonder why. Is it because you believe having an active management of your stocks overcome the inconvenience of paying taxes? Is it because you have special accounts in US where you do not pay taxes when selling a stock for an other? Or any other reason ?

Thank you in advance for your kind responses.


Hi Lucozon,

Your question is OT but here is a link to an article that could put things into perspective:…

When you run your own numbers it really puts things into perspective and help you make your own decision.

Anyway, guess the short rule-of-thumb-answer is that you should never let taxes be a part of your selling decision. If it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. That could be because the thesis have changed significantly to the downside or a much better opportunity to the upside has presented itself.

But again, the question about taxes is OT and it would be greatly appreciated if further comments on this thread would be send privately if you like to discuss the matter further.

Thank you for co-operating :slight_smile:

(Assistant Board Manager — who pays on average 38% in capital gains taxes in Denmark)


Nice. Thank you for your help even it I was out of topic.