Tender Offer on Yandex

I have a tender offer for Yandex from Southey Capital. Just wondering about what others think and have done with their offer since it is a Russian stock similar to Google. I know at one point Bill Mann owned it. Does he still?

I don’t own it, but personal needs, economics of the offer and further geopolitical risks are but a few of the concerns weighing in on the decision. Ultimately, this is a personal decision.

What is the offer? Where do you think forward returns (in stock price, etc.) will go?

According to my Schwab statement, the value of my stock is Zero at the moment. I don’t expect that to change unless our political situation with Russia changes, which isn’t likely in the near future. I’m thinking the British company must figure they will make money purchasing it so I have nothing to lose by hanging on to it. As near as I can tell, the stock is doing VERY well in Russia.

I passed on the tender offer. It’s about a 50% discount to the current share price trading on the russian market.