Is there any way of buying Lukoil?

Anyone know if it’s being traded anywhere? Or what the perspective is if it’s going to be traded again abroad once the Moscow stock exchange opens?

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I still have (maybe?) a position in them. Who knows if/when it will be tradable again.


OutOfLuck Oil?

I believe it will be at about 130, Rubles that is, so about $6.50 a share or minus 92% YTD.

Yeah, this was a smart buy. Can I interest you in a New York bridge?


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One of my brokers has a warning banner in pink on the Trade page
“Important Update regarding Trading Russian Securities” with brief details indicating trading of Russian stocks and holdings is “VERBOTEN!!” (well, it says “restricted”, but I was attempting to capture the red triangle with a !, and “VERBOTEN!!” seemed more appropriate)


The closed-end fund “Central and Eastern Europe Fund” (CEE) is still trading on the NYSE.

   day     close  Volume
3/11/2022  7.53   156,500
3/10/2022  7.49   223,200
3/9/2022   7.66   320,800
3/8/2022   7.43   233,100
3/7/2022   7.42   247,700
3/4/2022   7.76   216,600
3/3/2022   7.67   179,600
3/2/2022   8.89   230,415
3/1/2022   10.85  85,340
2/28/2022  14.95  56,000
2/25/2022  18.75  12,400
2/24/2022  18.19  58,600
2/23/2022  21.69   7,300
2/22/2022  22.81  10,800
2/18/2022  24.00   5,730

Index Providers React to Russian Market Turmoil, March 7, 2022
“On March 3, BlackRock marked the values for its Russian stock holdings that had stopped trading to zero. The March 4 per share net asset value for the iShares MSCI Russia ETF (ERUS) was $0.06–down 94% from $0.93 on March 2. On March 4, Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, announced that it would also begin marking the value of its funds’ Russian holdings to zero until further notice… The Moscow Exchange is closed, and trading of depositary receipts has been halted on all exchanges outside Russia.”…

Emerging-Markets Stock Fund Managers Face Tough Choices With Ukraine War, February 28, 2022…


Anyone know if it’s being traded anywhere?

Why not just mail a check directly to Putin? I sure if you address it to the Kremlin he’ll be sure to get it.

Why not just mail a check directly to Putin? I sure if you address it to the Kremlin he’ll be sure to get it.

It doesn’t work like that.

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It doesn’t work that way.

Direct or indirectly Putin gets the money. Any successful business in Russia pays the Piper and the Piper’s name is Putin.

So, any investment in a Russian stock is an investment Putin and his Oligrachs.


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