Terry Eger Bullish on Arista

Some internet sleuthing…

Terry Eger is the guy who hired Cisco’s John Chambers

Here’s Eger’s comments on Seeking Alpha…

This is my personal favorite, posted by Eger at 4:22 yesterday afternoon,

Arista has real organic growth and they are taking market share from Cisco. The total market has been growing at about 2%. Cisco strength is a broad product line and a massive install base. Arista is growing by gaining market share, while Cisco has implemented a software license based revenue model. This revenue model is in fact a price increase. So as the license based model works it’s was thought the Cisco install base revenues will increase. This should provide pricing flexibility to Arista and others. It should also mean no margin pressure. The other interesting thing is Robbins great savior was Security. I see Cisco grew at 6% which is less than one half the growth of the market.

The point here is if Arista continues to do what they are doing and expands their product offerings they will be eating Cisco’s lunch for years to come. I have no clue where the stock will go, but it is clear the company is on a long term growth path.

Color me goofy, but if ANET eats Cisco’s lunch for years to come, I’m gonna say, I think the stock price will go up. Assuming of course there’s no macro debacles.


Some internet sleuthing…

Nice work, Dan, and I like the commentary coming from your perspective as a more emotional investor.

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