Tesla inks $5B Nickel deal, Indonesia.

Indonesia has been wooing Tesla for several months to strike a deal to buy Indonesian Nickel.
Indonesia wants to do a lot of “value added” processing, and sell more, higher dollar Ni to customers. Ie keep more of the profit in Indonesia.

Indonesia says Tesla strikes $5 billion deal to buy nickel products

Tesla bulls are saying that Tesla has LOCKED up the most readily available supply of Ni, from a functional, operating mine/s, and Ni processing facility.

Tesla competition will now have to settle for 2nd best, or worse Nickel supplies. And/or Ni suppliers who are not yet functional.

Macro economic impact: the US automakers, their Union workers, suppliers, etc are perhaps being out maneuvered, again, by Tesla?
Ditto EU and Chinese EV makers.

Indonesia plans to process the ore in Indonesia. US markets will benefit, with the “pollution” being left in Indonesia. Tesla has reportedly demanded that environmentally friendly processing be implemented.


There are several youtubers reporting this, as well as numerous online MSM type outlets. Reuters is the “biggest” name I saw.


I though Canada was a leading supplier of nickel. What happened? Second best? Harrumph!!

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