Tesla rolls its own wiring harness?

The previous thread on a shortage of Ukrainian made wiring harnesses dove off into the “yeah but” weeds with
Electric cars have them too.

Maybe a shortage of “outsourced” wiring harnesses will have little effect on availability of EVs?

Way back in 2019-
Tesla reveals revolutionary new wiring architecture to help robots build upcoming cars like Model Y


Tesla is famous for its “do it in-house” model.
Remember the furor a few years ago when Tesla revealed they make their own car seats?

No, the article does not say Tesla makes its own wiring harnesses, but it seems likely?
I saw a job description for a wiring harness engineer (the link to Tesla Jobs website, failed).

IF Tesla makes its own wiring harnesses, then perhaps the Ukraine supply chain is not a problem for Tesla EVs?

And, IF it’s accepted that Tesla currently makes most of the EVs being sold… ?

Since BYD is also highly self supplied, it also seems likely that BYD makes its own wiring harnesses.
It also seems likely that the Chinese EVs get their wiring harnesses from Chinese suppliers?

So, does that leave the shortage mostly affecting US and EU ICE car companies and the few EVs they make?


It’s reported that in the mid 2010’s, GM (Mary Barra) intentionally tried to interfere with Tesla’s supply chains, which pushed Tesla to make bring everything “in house”.
Thank you Mary! LOLOLOLOL.