Tesla to open US Superchargers to other EVs

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Tesla will open up Superchargers to non-Tesla electric vehicles in the US later this year


The news was scooped by the White House

The wording in the article is strange.

Tesla plans to open up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles in the US in late 2022, according to a White House memo.

The company has been allowing non-Tesla EVs to use its Supercharger plugs in several cities in Europe as part of a limited pilot program but has been quiet about when US charging stations would be available to non-Tesla EV owners. A “fact sheet” published by the White House on June 28th and noticed by InsideEVs indicates that those EV owners may be able to use Superchargers as soon as the end of this year.

“Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers,” the White House states.


Look at that last sentence. Since Tesla already makes CCS Superchargers for Europe…I think that they’ll just do something like install 4 chargers at existing US Supercharger locations that they were going to expand anyway. Or even do something innovative like put both plugs on some stations.
This preserves most chargers for Tesla owners, but “opens” up for other to get the federal dollars.

Others think it means making adapters for purchase so they can use any existing plug.



I think it was Norway that first asked Tesla to open the SuperChargers to other EV brands and Tesla has been working on it since. There are a bunch of hurdles, not just the plug. The cables are rather short and some brands have the plug in the wrong place making them take up two spaces to be able to connect. Non Tesla brands will pay a higher price than Teslas. There was some pushback from Tesla owners who worried that it would be more difficult to find available chargers. But the transition is happening.

As a Tesla shareholder Capitalist dog (Hello David!) it is good news, another revenue stream for Tesla!

The Captain
we capitalist dogs like to help our neighbours… for a price! :wink:

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That is why I think they will (mostly) just leave all the existing chargers in place and primarily add more CCS stations. The v3 Superchargers come with a controller that handles four charging pedestals. Adding new ones probably helps them qualify for the federal rebate program. Unless they struck a special deal that would allow conversions to qualify. Unlikely.

They now have an advantage over other charger makers because they already have the sites prepared and wired for power. Many sites, likely, have room for expansion.

Maybe some sites with 8 or more pedestals are under utilized and would be converted. I know that most sites have, essentially, permanent-ish installations. But some have a concrete pad with chargers on it that can be moved. You can actually see the cables running on the ground to a controller unit.

Odd though, that this came from the White house and not Tesla


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