Tesla's Move to Dominate

An affordable EV for the masses.

Elon Musk confirms there will be a new Tesla that will launch later in 2023 for USD 25000, and I assume it may be the Tesla Model 2.

Since there is no official name for the car, let’s assume it to be the Tesla Model 2, and I’ll mention the car as Model 2 throughout the article.

According to claims in the Chinese media, Model 2 work has already begun. 2022 predictions suggested a possible 2023 delivery date for the Model 2. The $25,000 compact car from Tesla hasn’t received an official name just yet.

Less than 50 kWh of battery capacity is probably what the Tesla Model 2 will have. On the EPA cycle, the battery-electric car’s range is likewise anticipated to be approximately 250 miles (402 km) per charge.

Another link about the Tesla 2:


Something is off with the first article. It mentions that it will be available this year, but that work has just begun on the design. It seems exceedingly unrealistic to move from design to shipping a final product in less than a year. Additionally, the article mentions that some new battery technology will be available as early as 2022, yet this article was published today?!? Reads like an old article sloppily republished without updating the details.

The second article suggests a more realistic timeline of “unveiling” in 2024 with full scale production in 2025.

Besides, there are already affordable EVs for the masses - though none quite at 25k. The Bolt comes closest. I will be pleasantly surprised if Tesla can get one that low - especially two years into the future.

The Bolt with tax credits currently comes in just a little north of $20k!


[quote=“Hawkwin, post:2, topic:88598”]
It mentions that it will be available this year, but that work has just begun on the design.

The Bolt with tax credits currently comes in just a little north of $20k![/quote]

Obviously I didn’t read the article closely enough.

Tesla has a brand loyalty that GM has not attained so far. I could be wrong but I believe will pay up for a Tesla. There are of course limits on how much more a potential buyer will pay though. People do in the cell phone market space. IPhones are quite a bit more than Android cell phones. I chose an iPhone because the OS is the same as my iPad & MacBook Pro. Thus I avoided the hassle of learning the Android OS. KISS method.

Brand loyalty in the EV space is very different - especially for 1st time EV buyers - who will obviously be the target market for this segment. Model 2 buyers are unlikely to have been Model S or Cadillac Lyriq owners.


The Bolt with tax credits currently comes in just a little north of $20k!

It will also burn down your house.


From the Jalopnik article:
Nearly 80% of people who bought Kia Corp.’s EV6 electric crossover since it went on sale early this year traded in something other than a Kia, according to research site Edmunds
More than two-thirds of Ford Mustang Mach-E electric sport-utility buyers had non-Ford trade-ins
Rivian Automotive Inc. says its customers are coming from such a wide spectrum of car buyers that purchasers of its trucks and SUVs—which start around $70,000—are about as likely to own a $30,000 Subaru Outback station wagon as they are a $100,000 Porsche 911 sports car.

I assume most of the vehicles being traded in are IC. If one is buying a sporty EV or EV pick up one’s choice is limited[1]. And the making the jump from an IC to an EV is a big jump. It certainly behooves one to look at all the options especially as one’s currently owned brand may not have an EV model.

[1]Doug Betts, the president of automotive at J.D. Power, says that even though there is an influx of new EVs heading to showrooms, it’s still a narrow section of all the cars on sale today. It means buyers don’t have too much of a choice but to switch up brands.

With the Tesla 2, Tesla will have all price points covered. And with their new casting machine they will have the lowest manufacturing cost. And Tesla has shown that they are willing to cut pricing to maintain market share.


What we know is that Tesla has said they’ll say more about their next generation platform at Investor Day on March 1, 2023. Also, Musk said during the 2022Q3 earnings call that it would be smaller and about half the cost of the Model 3/Y to build.


That’s the old Bolt, not the new model.

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It was the old battery. Two manufacturing defects that occurred together resulted in about 20 Bolts catching fire. GM are doing the right thing and replacing everyone’s traction battery in over 100,000 cars.

We have 35k miles on our “risky” battery. We’re going to get a few more miles out of it before getting the new battery under warranty.

We park and charge in our garage. The chances of it catching fire are extremely small. Not a concern at all.