Well this is just to say thank you.

To Saul, of course in particular and to others in general. I do not want at all to start some gooey, fawning trend to interrupt all the good work so let it end here. While some holdings came through my screens and DD - SWKS, AMBA and others - those fast growers that did not pass my criteria in any way, such as SHOP and PAYC, are entirely down to this board.

I only allow a small % of my portfolio to such manifest risk but regardless, I have profited handsomely and so: thank you. It is certainly exciting stuff even though I am not ‘quitting the day job’ (a retirement interest in investing in very high quality companies on my own definition). And it is true, some of the companies discussed here I would not touch, dressed in full chemical warfare battle-dress with a telescopic barge-pole dipped in TCP, but that there are orchids among them turnips is not in doubt and it takes something I have not got to find them. Enough! Thanks.


Wow! Thanks Streina, that’s very nice of you to say. Thanks to you too, for all you have contributed to the board.