Thank you

David and Tom Gardner have my deepest thanks and appreciation for doing all they are doing. They have changed the lives of myself and family in so many positive ways.

Over the years, I have gotten a lot of helpful advice from a variety of free boards on home and car repairs, how to be frugal, healthy and eventually, from the Stock Advisor boards, on how to properly invest.

During the past few weeks, I’ve watched the markets increase day after day and then reverse course and start dropping.

I have invested since 1990 to include the dot com crash and the great recession.

When the small 10% drop occured, I hoped it would continue to drop 20-30 or more percent. I do love a great sale.

Yet, I read on so many boards it seems about Fools who were worried, while other Fools tried to calm them.

Markets go up and markets go down.

My goal is to find quality companies and I have the intention to hold them for a long time. Some will soar and some will do ok and a few may falter.

I’m still a small time investor. Compared to many here, I don’t have a lot. However, if I compare myself to my local peer group, I think I’m doing quite well.

If you look at my profile, you can see all of my holdings. I hope to hold many of them for years to come. Yes, I do have shares in both Chipotle and Under Armour and iRobot, and I hope to hold them as well for many more years.

I started this off thanking both Tom and David. Yet, there are so many more Fools that have helped me along the way. There are quite a few on the free boards as well as many TMF’s, CMF’s and other Fools who mean a lot to me.

I love helping others and I do hope over my near 19 years here that I’ve helped some of you in some fashion.

Speaking of iRobot, once I finish this post and eat my dinner, I plan to listen to their recent conference call and type up a few notes from it.

Fool on,


My holdings can be seen here: