Thanks to all

I have been following this board for a long time and how blessed my wife and I were to learn investing from all of you, especially of course Saul. I didn’t have much money to start with but because of what I learned here The portfolio grew to a comfortable size.I was indeed fortunate to have such great teachers.

As my wife and I saw the storm coming, after all the country can change on a dime as was seen when somebody saw a turtle with a straw in it’s nose, we decided to pull the plug at a very fortunate time. Sold all and bought a car and furniture. Because of this board we have plenty for the next few years, I am 76. No time left to ride it out. Great companies but who cares when the price of the stock is heading south and there is little time left to recover.

Will continue to follow the board, who knows maybe I’ll be around to see the madness end, but I don’t think so.

Again thank you all for the great education and much success to all.


That is a beautiful message. Congratulations to you and to your wife. This is a very difficult time in our Country and in the world. Hopefully the next leadership will work hard on the VIRUS and so we can all stay healthy and resume normal lives again!

I lost a lot of money in ZM and MRNA, today, but also hold stocks like MSFT and AAPL which did well, today. Could have been worse. I think ZM will recover…everyone uses it, including our Church, when we are stranded from service.

Congratulation for your success and for getting out, in time. Stay healthy!

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