The adopted gardener

Hermes [fancy handbags] billionaire to leave $6 B to his gardener.

{ Puech, who lives in Europe and is worth $13 billion, made a contract with a charity called the Isocrates Foundation, which he founded, to leave his fortune to the org. Its mission is to support journalism and a “civil society.” Fair enough.

But Puech has had a change of heart, and wants to give half his wealth to a male “servant, former gardener and handyman.” The Foundation is apoplectic, and is making sounds like it’ll challenge the change, saying a contract’s a contract.

But here’s the twist. The contract has a provision that says if Puech becomes a father, his child would be entitled to a portion of his fortune, and if it’s a son he’d get at least half.

So how’s this? Puech plans to adopt his gardener, which would make the guy his only son and qualify him for a $6+ billion inheritance!! }}

Hermes Billionaire to Leave More than $6 Billion to His Gardener (

Stranger things have happened. Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her dog. A New York State court cut that to $2 million. No doubt, the remaining $10 million was lost to the “skim” of the legal procedings.



I think all contracts that include a dependency on one’s death should have the ability to be cancelled/changed anytime before the death actually occurs. I think this should be a general rule akin to the rules of changing one’s will.