The Bank of Russia

What is the inflation rate in Russia in 2024?

In the case of the Risk scenario, inflation will speed up to 11–13% in 2024 due to more severe supply shocks and a weaker ruble. To prevent inflation from spiralling out of control, the Bank of Russia will be forced to considerably tighten its monetary policy, with the key rate averaging 16.0–17.0% per annum in 2024.Nov 2, 2023

Monetary Policy Guidelines for 2024-2026 | Bank of Russia.

My comment the Russians have nowhere to go to tighten their money supply. The army demands the treasury print.

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Whatever the Kremlin decides it is :slight_smile:

I don’t believe most of the economic data that we are fed in The West, and I certainly wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of Russia.

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Agreed but I am pointing out the economic dynamic inside of Russia. The central bank has that much correct. Other than it will backfire and explode in Putin’s face.