The Battle of Verdun is still having ecological and economic effects


The headline makes it sound like it’s a bad thing.


I wonder if the plant growth is due to the the French and German fertilizer that was spread over the battlefield.

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Good or bad, it’s proof that humans, like all other life forms, are ‘terraforming.’

ter·ra·form | ˈterəˌfôrm |
verb [with object]
(especially in science fiction) transform (a planet) so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life: that wild idea to use comets to terraform Venus | (as noun terraforming) : the terraforming of Mars.

The Dictionary

Make love, not war!

The Captain

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I tend to associate the poppies more with the Battle of Ypres…probably from the poem In Flanders Fields.

A Life imitates TMF moment a couple of nights ago…re-binge watching Foyle’s War and mention was made of this particular battle. Then checked on Wiki and, lo, was the anniversary of the poem being written.


Thanks for the stimulus, VN

Short and in-your-face poignant.


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If you haven’t done so, you should watch the British made movie “Wipers Times”:

The Wipers Times (TV Movie 2013) - Plot - IMDb