The Captain's Updates

ARK Invest (formerly The Captain’s ARK) updated to July 29, 2022.

I’ve been working on the new Captain’s ARK website as the new repository of all of my public pages. It’s been slow going for two reasons, I’m not as Agile as I was back when and some of the code is very old and out of date which takes a while to understand and update. There was a bit of debugging code that triggered when a hacker tried to compromise one of my databases. Old debugging code which worked but needed updating, it took me quite a while.

In the old days we worked with ‘our computer’ which made debugging less complicated. Now when a client access your server with data that blows things up you don’t get to know about it unless you write debugging code to alert you to the problem but the alert is not enough, you need the data that triggered the bug.

Class phpDebug v 1.0.0 reports the SQL query that triggers a database bug:…

The Ultimate PHP Error Reporter now v 1.2.0 is the original error reporter:…

There is some other code I’d like to share. It’s keeping me busy!

Denny Schlesinger