The cost of food and fuel in the U.K.

The cost of food and fuel in the U.K. has risen sharply, with inflation reaching 9% in April — the highest in 40 years.

The same month, millions of families saw their annual energy bills jump by 54%, amounting to an extra 700 pounds ($863) a year on average for each household.

Another energy price hike is expected in October, as Russia’s war in Ukraine and rebounding demand after the pandemic push oil and natural gas prices higher.

Other parts of the world are struggling, too, as inflation bites. Europe has seen surging consumer prices, causing sticker shock at the grocery store.

In the U.S., food banks say rising food and gas prices and overall inflation are intensifying demand for their support, while their labor and distribution costs are climbing and donations are slowing.

Things are expected to worsen in coming months. The Bank of England predicts inflation could hit 10% by the fall, and its governor, Andrew Bailey, has warned of a “very real income shock” caused by energy prices and an “apocalyptic” rise in food prices due to the war in Ukraine.…

{ Hummmmm… seems like just about everything is being blamed on the war in Ukraine these days. I wonder if that is true.}


Don’t be fooled by the UK’s published inflation figures - they are false, as are the USA’s. I suspect that inflation in the UK is approaching 20%. On 1st April 2022 my monthly energy payments went up 60% with another rise promised in October.

Andrew Bailey, the BofE governor recently said that people shouldn’t seek large pay rises - he earns £575,000 per annum.

The economic position is that we have a choice - raise interest rates very high to stop inflation and crash the economy or keep printing money, cause hyper-inflation and crash the economy.

I’m still buying precious metals - Something wicked this way comes!

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