The Dollar Amounts on Home Screen Don't Make Sense

I’ll just use make believe numbers but here’s my question. In a nutshell, if I add my total loss or gain to my current balance that should show how much I need to make to get even OR how much I’ve made beyond getting even. Example…a guy invests 150K in Motley Fool recommended stocks in 2019. The market goes through a terrible time and his portfolio is worth 80K in 2023. In the meantime he’s invested 20K more adding a few hundred every month. So to get back to even steven no losses he needs a portfolio value of 170K. The problem is every time he signs on, his home screen shows a current value…let’s call it 100K. And it tells him his total losses are 45K. He adds his 100 to the 45 and sees that Motley Fool says he’ll be even if he gets to 145K. but he knows he won’t actually be even until he gets to 170K.
What accounts for the $25000 discrepancy?

In truth, after a rough start I’m happy to report that Motley Fool shows me as hovering just above and below even. It said I had a total gain of $1000 an hour ago. BUT I KNOW THAT TO ACTUALLY BE EVEN I’D NEED TO BE UP AN ADDITIONAL $25000 or more. I am not worried. I expect to get there and well beyond there and make a healthy return. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND THE NUMBERS ON THE HOME SCREEN.

I can’t be sure Althair because I am not looking at your account but I suspect it is the time line. I think you are looking at a shorter time line. Let’s say your account started 2 years ago and what you are looking at is one year. Is there a way you can expand it to the inception of your account?