The man who introduced many to Buffett

The man I worked for who managed dad’s money…who was a huge Buffett deciple beginning in the 1970’s. He put a bunch into Berkshire, a few never sold.…


Thanks chompin and I enjoyed very nice tribute to an amazing man. Great vision and conviction about BRK in the early days. Appreciate it even more as I grew up in Sedge/ Greensboro. I bet my late Pops who was on the school board and an exec. at Lorillard knew of him. Thanks for sharing and glad YOU also never sold!

Thanks WEBspired. I was eating dinner and chatting with my sister and her children tonight. They were interested in knowing something about Marshall and I had saved his obituary online. So I posted it thinking maybe someone might have or find a connection.

Another funny story. I lived in Richardson Pryor’s (US Senator - his family owned Vicks - sold to Proctor Gamble) garage apartment while working at McDaniel Lewis. Once when his parents were on vacation, I helped Rich Jr. get his Harley Davidson motorcycle into the big house living room where Rich proceeded to do a major repair - taking days! Right on the carpet with only a bed sheet on the floor!

I got to hang out with the big-whigs of Greensboro - Jefferson Pilot and all the rest - back then via my connection to Marshall. I’m sure I was quite immature and entertaining to them, but I surely didn’t know it.