The market is catching on...RBC sentiment

Worth a read to get a feel for what the street is thinking in terms of SaaS, and a few company ideas…


don’t like seeing that large bold font MDB on page 15…

I kinda like it. Coincides with David Gardner’s strategy (which has worked very well) of investing in GREAT companies (winners) that people think are overvalued.

We want people to underestimate our companies in the short-term, then become herd followers on the way up as the companies continue to innovate, release new products, and grow revenue.

I would be far more concerned if our companies were all in the “Best Idea” category.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Austin

I have no problem with those who think they are smart shorting MDB or any other category crusher as in the medium-long term, the short thesis is emphatically disproved (like with TTD early - mid 2018)

ok, ok, maybe I should rephrase my statement to:

don’t like seeing ONLY that large bold font MDB on page 15… :slight_smile: