The most expensive police officer in history

This far exceeds the then record $27 million settlement paid by the City of Minneapolis in the George Floyd wrongful death suit.



This is why no matter what the death penalty is wrong.

You can say “DNA” but planting evidence will continue.

I hope the former officer never sees the light of day again if he is still alive. I have not read the article.

well amazing…the entire system is corrupt enough for him to still be walking free. NY is a disgrace. Falsely putting a man in prison should carry an attempted murder charge next to it.


Mr. Scarcella has not been charged with any crimes. But no other New York Police Department officer has ever come close to costing taxpayers as much, lawyers involved in the cases say. Experts in wrongful convictions say the sum is “staggering,” and puts Mr. Scarcella in the company of just a handful of other police officers in Chicago and Philadelphia accused of rigging dozens of cases, costing millions.