The Positive Thoughts Thread

This is a thread about, and only about, like, positive stuff.

I will start:
I live in an area with rarely any homeless or violence.

So I assume the rest of the world is that way, too! Yay for the rest of the world!

Also - I am over 50 but I exercise 4-5 days a week and actively walking/biking and running sprints on the other days, weather permitting. Probably, like, top 1-2% compared to my age group in health.

My teens are smart, get scholarships because of their grades and SAT scores, and generally well-behaved and healthy kids.

I have been at same company almost two decades now, and generally never micro-managed and determine my own workday and hours.

My cars paid off and my home interest rate is 3.5% and I have a bunch of equity in it.

I have more vacation days than I need or ever wind up using.



Thanks for a glass half full post. In fact, that glass was almost full!



I am not in the path of any hurricanes! Ever…really.
During my vacation, I swim in giant lakes whose waters are devoid of sharks or alligators/crocodiles!
I am in no physical pain…feel great! Headed to gym in a bit, too. (back and legs today)

Every morning, I look forward to my Monster/Celsius drink! Weather permitting, I sit on the patio couches under the overhanging tree and either listen to nothing but the birds chirping or my current audiobook. I don’t suffer daily commutes!

When I travel, I am TSA pre-check, so no long lines for me!
I check a bag every time, and am in no rush to board the plane bc I don’t need the overhead space. I pack my favorite contoured foam pillow…so I sleep well on the road trips, just like at home, getting my 8 hours sleep!

I made money today!



Don’t quite know what to think of this…but it’s definitely positive (I think!?!)

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How about two Celsius in the morning, and a third in the afternoon. My CELH position (small as it is) is down 33%. I mean, you brought the stock to this board so you could help out a bit, no?

KC, who drinks plain, black Nescafe’ and with the savings buys 2 shares of bitcoin ETF every month.


The CELH price back in $50s is appealing, but i am holding out for 30s or less in/if a true correction.

But it is ok if I am wrong!