The All Time High Thread!

No, i am not at ATH. Still 9% away or so.
But wanted to refresh us all on purpose and rules, and hopefully we all stop by the thread multiple times before 2023 is over.
(Thanks to raylight for pointing to old tmf thread)

This is the All Time High thread. Sometimes referred to as “ATH Thread” for the impatient or grumpy.

You are only allowed to post to this thread, if you port ended at an All Time High that day.
1 post max, per day you end at an ATH.

What you post is up to you. It could be “I told you so” or “gosh, I really am great” or it could be to promote your favorite book or movie, indirectly claiming a correlation between that activity and your port success. Maybe you want to mention the weather. Maybe you want to ask for help solving your kid’s elearning trigonometry question, or perhaps you want to post a pithy quote.

Doesn’t really matter. Point is, it is an exclusive club. Those at the pinnacle of their ports, and whose sole aim in life is to hopefully post to the thread over and over in the coming weeks and months.

Disclaimer: Do not post to ATH Thread on an empty stomach. One should not post to ATH Thread while driving. Posting to ATH Thread while intoxicated is acceptable, and frankly often likely. Do not post to ATH Thread if you are not actually at an ATH…you will go straight to hell, regardless if you are an atheist. (CNN fact-checked this and confirmed it as ACCURATE)

Types of microphones for use in ATH thread posts:

Mold covered: for the liars who are negative for the year and post on the thread anyway. #SAD
Tin-covered: under 25% YTD
Polka-dotted: 25-49%
Candy-Cane striped: 50-74%
Psychedelic: 75-99% (comes with fried food sampler platter)
Diamond-encrusted: 100%+ (comes with sushi bar and all-you-can-eat M&Ms)