The Pressure Is On - But It Doesn't Have To

It starts with the soccer team sticker, then it’s the honor roll sticker and finally families can hope to get a coveted college sticker to slap on their car, proudly showing off where their kids go to school.

It’s hard not to let peer pressure and your own feelings get in the way as your child makes a decision that feels so public and important to their future, said Kymberly Spector, a parent of a high school senior in southern California.

Pressure from parents over college choices has been on the rise over the last 20 years, and unfortunately perfectionism among kids has been rising with it, according to research published last week by the American Psychological Association.…

Who notes the best gift you can give to your college-seeking student is to reduce the noise, shower the love and help them lean on their (not your) fundamental values…

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