The Russian economy is being mismanaged in every possible way

This is where a strongman anywhere in the world would lead any of us. Ignorance wants strongmen in charge.

For some simpletons it all sounds great. Policies should not be decided by who can lie the most to people who were bottom of their high school class.

There is no survivable endgame for Putin. He retreats or he fails eventually he will be taken out by his own. The Russian elites are figuring out when to kill him.

Better yet next year Russian soldiers’ pay will be worthless. They will march on Moscow. We have seen that is within easy reach. If Putin uses nukes tactically it will be within Russia on his own army as it advances on Moscow. That is the nature of the Russian government.

Typical fascism in Putin. No one in the US should be directly or indirectly supporting the Kremlin. Sick!