The Secret to Successful Investing

You ever see one of those ads that pops up sometimes about this or that miracle cure for some ailment that the medical professionals and evil pharmaceutical companies just don’t want you to know about? Me to - and thats exactly why I am hesitant to share with you, what just might be, the Absolute Key to amassing and unlocking Massive Fortunes in the stock market. To good to be true…right? Well…not so fast. Read on: After years of study, trying this and that and trying this combination and that combination, Champico Industries might have stumbled onto the solution to the age old pursuit of stock market riches. Yes - I know…I see the doubt in your minds; however, the only thing you have to lose by taking just a few moments to review this incredible material - revealed here in intricate detail and plain English for the very first time, is the entire future of your well being. But I warn you - this is no get rich quick scheme - the process I will share with you in just a few moments takes thoughtful consideration and work.

Please answer the following question:

Are you willing to put in the time, consideration and work to build a vast fortune in the Stock Market?


Now…if you checked Yes then continue on - however, if you checked No…well…just go back to your parents basement and only dream about fast Lamborghinis, Run-Way Models, A chateau in Tuscany and/or a massive yacht just like those fancy pants Russian Oligarchs.

Ok, now settle in, buckle up and get ready for a ride into Massive Stock Market Fortunes.

It all started back sometime ago while I was watching Seven Years in Tibet:…

It was at that exact moment that I realized that all my efforts to create Massive Wealth in the stock market up to that point had been missing a single vital element: Expansive Thinking. Thats right…I was too narrowly focused and needed Expansive Thinking. And thats when it dawned on me that I just had to follow the Fools Yellow Brick Road to success:…

And just like that it all snapped into place.

First - remember how the Fool started out with just a couple of services? There was Rule Breaker and then there was Rule Maker. Thats it - just two. You - just like myself - may have read the books. Still have em somewhere. But those two services have blossomed into untold dozens of subscription services and for me that was the key: I had limited my research to just one factor of success when I needed Expansive Thinking to achieve my intended goal of putting together a program that would produce Massive Wealth in the market.

Now…things began to really click and get exciting.

In the past I had created Horoscope investing, Dog Treat Investing and had sometimes relied on the Rabbit in the Garden: don’s scoff, he/she was a very astute rabbit. There was also the Jackson Hole Wyoming based program that failed when the guy that revealed the stock picks on live camera got picked up for public drunkeness and vagrancy. But was I dejected or defeated…not in the least and I carried on. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost his first 17 elections (or so) before he actually won one? This fact drove me like no other.

So first of all I needed the Fools Expansive Thinking; which meant there must be a confluence or some combination of multiples (Perhaps like Combination Low Mein) that when put together would produce untold Massive Wealth in the stock market. The Fool business model was the key.…

And the thought lingered that the real beginning for any company was the day they were founded - OR - was it the day they went public. This was a real Eureka moment: I had been using the wrong date for the company Horoscope Assessment: It was wrong…sooo very wrong. So I switched to the IPO date and as everyone knows then converted those dates into the Chinese horoscope animals. This was the key! So:

  1. Expansive Thinking: Layer it up!
  2. IPO Dates Converted into Chinese Animals.

As you can plainly see - things were beginning to reach a critical mass.

The third component was much more difficult. To make it easy I had to either have investors perform the conversions work themselves or perhaps offer them pre-printed company cards: just like baseball cards I used to collect complete with the company Logo and its magical IPO Horoscope animal image. Things were really gathering steam now.

So…I created Champico Industries Company Horoscope cards and even decided to place a little piece of bubble gum in them. All an investor had to do was simply order the company cards he/she was interested in and just like that they would be in business. But wait - it was missing something and I kept on improving things - and then it hit me: Fortune Cookies! Fortune Cookies were the final piece of the missing formula for attaining Massive Wealth in the stock market. So we went to work and created:

Champico Industries Stock Market Fortune Cookies. You heard that right. A system was being born: Rather than do all the conversion work themselves - an investor could order the specific company horoscope cards they were interested in AND the additional Stock Market Power Fortune Cookies that the process requires. Soooo very simple!

So how does it all fit together: Well…an investor orders the pre-printed Company Horoscope Cards AND the Stock Market Power Fortune Cookies. But wait…there is little bit more to it:

  1. Preparation
  • You place the Stock Market Power Fortune Cookies in a large bowl - like the one you use for popcorn. You place the bowl behind you.

  • You then shuffle the Pre-Printed Company Horoscope Cards for exactly 31.4 seconds. (This is crucial to the outcome)

  • The next step is to lay the Company Horoscope Cards down in front of you face down.

  • You turn on your TV and play a 7 Years in Tibet CD

  • As it is playing you chant the secret formula chant that will be revealed to you at the time of your purchases. This changes to account for lunar cycles and sun spots so you are going to need a subscription to: Champico Industries Stock Chanting CD and we do the chanting for you.

  • You then reach behind you - select one Cookie at at time and then place it on a card working left to right.

  • Starting Right to Left you open the Fortune Cookie, eat the fortune cookie and then read that company’s fortune.

The revealed Company Fortune will be your guide. Note: some of the cookies will be wrapped in Red tinted cellophane which means to consider doing the exact opposite of what the Stock Fortune Cookie says. Please be alert to this.

And that, as it turns out - is exactly how to attain Massive Wealth in the stock Market. And we at Champico Industries are so positive that this system will work for anyone Who Truly Believes and follows the exact process that we are going to offer a half your money back guarantee. So if this doesn’t work for you all you have to do is let us know and we’ll place your funds on the very next Guaranteed Stock Market Wealth Building Process we come up with. How about that!

Lastly, as you might be aware, by eating all those tasty fortune cookies you might gain a little weight. You know…just a little weight and it’s a small price to pay for attaining so much Massive Wealth… so…we’ve created the Champico Industries Fortune Cookie Diet Program. Just $9.99 plus tax.

Now time is of the essence as the various stock recommendation organizations throughout the world will be racing to lock down this process and gain the rights to the elements that are private to Champico Industries. We are not guaranteeing we can hold these large organizations back for any definitive period of time so if you want in on this Life Changing opportunity you must act quickly. Here are the base costs:

Seven Years in Tibet CD - Special Edition: $49.99
Pre-Printed Customized Company Horoscope Cards: $15 each
Stock Market Power Fortune Cookies: $2 each
Fortune Cookie Diet Program: $9.99
Champico Fortune Cookie Chanting CD: $19.99

OR - you can avoid all the effort of putting all this together via a Champico Industries Stock Horoscope subscription

Subscription Fee: $499. (Includes all updates and additional monthly Company Horoscope Magazine.)

All the Best,