The straightening out of Buffett

Some here think I am nuts. How could you? How dare you? You think oil companies are wrong? WEB has and probably does own oil companies. He is right to and so are you.

WEB is also leaving his money to social matters. So is Gates and many others.

I can not straighten out Warren. I have written on message boards. I called my good friend Bill to ask him to talk to Warren. No luck. Bill thinks I am confused.

Warren seems to thinks society matters. Shame that.

Least Buffett could do would be to take his money with him.

Seriously some have wondered what is left for the CA pension program to invest in if they wont invest in oil?

That is your problem not Buffett's. There is a wide world of other investments. Yes paying dividends etc. The pension fund managers are not going to have any problem finding takers for their money.