The "Top" list in the main landing page

The Top List occupies about 40% of the space on this landing page. All but one of the listed posts are from Sauls Board. I know he is popular but those who follow him already have him listed as a favorite category. The top list on old TMF was available and I could optionally take a look. Here it is forced on you.

So is there any way to set a preference to make this area into something useful for those who don’t desire a massive dose of Saul every time they access the Forum>

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Under Preferences / Interface, you can choose between five different landing pages.


Excellent. I changed it to be just unread and that is ideal for me. Thank you pointing the way…

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In addition to changing your home page, the migration is what caused Saul’s posts to rise to the top…it’ll settle down next week. METAR was actually ruling the Top Post before the conversion.