OT - Why Saul started this board

I don’t have an exact post handy, but Saul was invited to start his own board to discuss his ideas back a couple of years ago, because HIS POSTS WERE CONSIDERED OFF TOPIC, AND DISRUPTIVE to the particular board(s).

So you might conclude this is the TMF way.

But more practically, this discussion board is a place to discuss what the name/theme of the board is - in this case, that’s investing in a way that is “Saul-like”. (IMO) Saul is well within his right, and his responsibility, to bring the discussions back on topic. Yes, I wrote and meant responsibility.

Other stuff I feel I need to say

  • I don’t agree with 100% of Saul’s decisions. That’s ok, I don’t need to.
  • I’ve seen an increasing number of posts that justify rudeness and disrespect as “a counter opinion”. We all need to be civil, don’t we?
  • I disagree that someone should be chased off a board simply because they offer a contrary opinion.
  • I agree, and am encouraged to see, that both off-topic long threads are killed.
  • I agree, and am encouraged to see, that people who demonstrate a sustained inability to post “according to the guidelines” are invited to post elsewhere.
  • I am in the camp that doesn’t have time to read every post anymore, largely because so many posts go astray from the heart of what the boards about.
  • I understand that others disagree with me, and I’m ok with that.
  • Lastly, I encourage Saul to reports posts that he finds objectionable, as that’s what I would do if I had my own board.



Another option is to click on the IGNORE THIS FOOL icon next to the author name in the header, and you won’t ever see their posts again, should they persist in posting in ways that go counter to the board and to Saul’s specific requests…

Wandern, who hates being ugly but whose back gets up real fast when those who are asked nicely flaunt their disrespect


Another option is to click on the “Ignore Thread” button at the bottom of the page when one doesn’t want to read OT posts.