The Trade Desk is About to Get Even Better

Working on an article about The Trade Desk and had to share this interview with CEO and Founder, Jeff Green, and the TMF team.

Audio and transcript available:…

4 things really stick out to me

  1. As Google and FB face continuous data and privacy issues, I think advertising dollars will begin to move away from their “walled-gardens” and to the rest of the internet.

– this impact will be small for Google and Facebook, but massive for much smaller market cap companies like TTD.

  1. The Trade Desk released “The Next Wave” their new line of products in June. I’m really excited to see the growth as sales kick into gear.

– over the last 2 years, 1/3 of TTD’s engineering resources were dedicated to developing “The Next Wave” which didn’t start producing revenue until June. Think about that for a second… 1/3 of engineering resources for 2 years producing 0 revenue. Talk about awesome.

  1. Connected TV inventory grew by 10x in 2017. During Q1 2018, Connected TV inventory was ALREADY up 78% from all of 2017. Brian Stempeck TTD’s Chief Client Officer said CTV inventory is well on its way to 10xing again in 2018.

  2. Something like 85% of TTD’s revenue comes from inside the U.S. but they are investing heavily internationally and Asia’s ad spend is growing much faster than the U.S.

– I’m cautious about the impact of any trade relation issues with China, but because TTD represents the buy side and BRINGS IN MONEY from massive global brands, I can’t imagine China blocking them.

Video of Founder and CEO Jeff Green announcing “The Next Wave”. Every time I see him speak, I am more impressed.…

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I am looking forward to their ER in just over a week.

They raised 2018 guidance twice…last number was $456m.

And Saul has dipped his toe in! I am hopeful he keeps it, but i am in LT either way.

They have had a mammoth TWLO-like runup this year since May, so i wouldnt be surprised to see market swat them down post-ER over the slightest thing. But if there is a major dip from here i will likely be adding more.