The Two Ranchers and Stuff

Two old ranchers are talking to each other - each leaning casually on opposite poles of a barb wire fence.

1st Old Rancher: How did you do last year?

2nd Old Rancher: Pretty good - only lost about half a million or so.

1st Old Rancher: Not bad - Lost about that myself.

2nd Old Rancher: This is the life and I love ranching.

1st Old Rancher: Yep - this is the life and I’m gonna keep on ranching until I run totally out of money.

Currently I suppose I feel about the same as those two old ranchers and am beginning to think that if this devastating correction continues too awfully much longer we’re gonna see some bargains out there.

Today I took exactly half of the cash I had on hand and poured it onto the bonfire ACB.

And thats that.

All the Best,


My fire has been roaring for 12+ months. (was cheaper than nat gas there for awhile)

Aurora/cannabis stock? Or does “ACB” mean something else?

ps…hey Champ…happy 2023!


Hey Dreamer:

Happy New Year to you too.

ACB = Across the Board.

All The Best,

VTI or something else?

Hi MarkR:


All the Best