TBs Sold

Sold Trading Blocks I picked up this Morning:

DDOG for 8.63%

BILL for 7.10%

S for 6.42%

Also sold a TB I picked up yesterday in UPST for 7.85%

All the Best,



Your post this morning prompted me to get back on the TB train…S, NET, BILL. Not being studious, I promptly went outside and spent the day in my yard thoroughly enjoying the Spring weather and actually accomplishing lots.

When I looked at the account AMC, low and behold I was potentially sitting on some nice trading gains. I still had 30 minutes in AHT so I placed orders to close. Partially closed S for 8.48% and closed NET for a nifty 9.93%.


I’m blessed to share cyberspace with you!



Hi 5:

Congrats and well done!

We are all blessed to learn and grow together courtesy of the Motley Fool.

All the Best,