The World's Biggest Wind Turbines…

The biggest turbines are all located over water. The so-called offshore turbines can be taller than those onshore, which means they can harness more wind energy and produce more electricity.

MingYang Smart Energy, a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, is in the process of building the biggest wind turbine so far.

Their new MySE 16.0-242 model is still under construction and is expected to be online by 2026. It will be 264 meters tall, with a blade length 118 meters long and rotor diameter of 242 meters. It features a nameplate capacity of 16 megawatts that can power 20,000 homes per unit over a 25-year service life. The first commercial turbine will be installed at the MingYang Yangjiang Qingzhou Four offshore wind farm, which is in the South China Sea.

p.s. Here are four of the biggest wind turbine models on the market right now, the companies that are making them, and where the prototypes are being installed:

Model	        Company	Nameplate       capacity   Location    Height 	      Blade Length   Rotor Diameter (m)

MySE 16.0-242	MingYang Smart Energy	16 MW	   China       264	      118	     242
SG 14-236 DD	Siemens Gamesa	        14 MW	   Denmark     Site Specific  115	     236
Haliade-X	General Electric	14 MW	   France      260	      107	     220
V236-15.0	Vestas	                15 MW	   Denmark     280	      116	     236
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