The worst retail job in the country is …

Cover story in Bloomberg this week. Not going to make many friends in the e suite at Dollar General.

Why Dollar General Might Just Be the Worst Retail Job in America

Rat infestations, blocked fire exits, expired kids’ food, machete-wielding and watermelon-throwing shoppers and other nightmares at the biggest dollar chain in the US.


Not surprising. I can see a store that caters to the lowest strata of customers having the same interaction experiences as the police. Does Dollar General shake down it’s employees for money, like Cumberland Farms did?


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A cheaper Walmart, what could go wrong?

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And still a strategy of putting a store in every small town across the US. With lower birth rates and declining population many of those towns are going away. Local stores are closing leaving DG and perhaps a gas station the only businesses still there.

DG has an aggressive growth strategy that should be a winner. As with other retailers some stores may close.