This is why I completely side with the Supreme Court

Most of you have a full understanding of where I stand on many things.

I take this court as a gift. No more voting for tax cuts most Americans were gullible enough to think they would get and never did. More like pay cut.

Instead if you want it get it enacted. I love this court insisting on that. It wont be the planned outcome for a select little group of Americans.

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I have been through Stugis a number of times. It is a small town near the Indiana border. Recently notorious as the home of an Abbott baby formula plant.

In Michigan, 30.6% of residents have a bachelor degree, or higher. In Sturgis, 12.6% have a bachelor’s or higher. Two thirds of voters in Sturgis voted one way, and only one third voted the other way, in 2020.



That is our Torrington CT. The poorest city in CT by per capita income. People being taken as ejits. Those who are insist on being ejits.