This Is Why We Must See An End to Putin's Reign

Take all the Ruzzian fluffers at CPAC and send them to Ukraine for a 24-hour tour. When they see children like this, who emerged from the rubble of any one of the tens-of-thousands of apartment buldings, schools, hospitals, and homes demolised, and if they still hold love for Putin and want to stop aid to Ukraine, give them Russian passports so they can join Steve Segal - who seems to have let himself go in Putin’s Russia - a hellhole where you sit with the world’s most dangerous man, Steve.

If I did not have cancer, I think I would already be in Ukraine helping their Armed Forces sharpen their casualty reporting skills. Knowing this child is still alive makes me wish I had the power of invisibility, a loaded gun with one silver bullet, and the key to Putin’s hidey hole.