thoughts for the week


I wanted to buy PD when it IPO’d this week. I decided that I didn’t want to chase, was willing to buy it below a $2 B market cap.

  • like the net retention rate, management, backers, steady high growth, etc
  • IPO and not sure about size of market were my risks

It opened way above, so I am in wait and watch mode.


I trimmed my OKTA position some after the earnings report. The 50% growth was slower than what they have done.

I was thinking it was 50/50 on whether they are starting to slow down growth. If they are starting to slow, more risk.

They had Octane19 , and i was super impressed. Not only did they release a bunch of new products, but they were so well prepared. Youtube videos, summaries of new products on their website, etc.

They just have their ## together.

Becoming an identify management platform.

I am much more confident they can grow for years, might slow slightly because they are getting bigger, but not worried.


Zoom is one of the most impressive companies to come public in a long time.

I would love to own it at IPO, but with the performance of PagerDuty, I don’t think there’s any chance I can get it near the IPO price, so will be patient. I think its going to open above a $10 B valuation.