Thrift conversions coming up on 3 years

Anyone got thoughts on which of these are headed for buyout? I notice that CNNB is the only one trading noticeably above Book Value.

IPO Date Bank Symbol Type S-1 Filing
1/16/2020 Bogota Financial BSBK First step Prospectus
1/17/2020 FFBW FFBW Second step Prospectus
1/23/2020 Cincinnati Bancorp CNNB Second step Prospectus
10/13/2020 Systematic Savings Bank SSSB Standard Prospectus
10/15/2020 Eastern Bankshares EBC Standard Prospectus
1/9/2019 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin BCOW First step Prospectus
1/17/2019 Rhinebeck Bancorp RBKB First step Prospectus
5/6/2019 TEB Bancorp TBBA First step Prospectus
7/2/2019 Richmond Mutual Bancorporation RMBI Standard Prospectus
7/10/2019 Eureka Homestead Bancorp ERKH Standard Prospectus
7/17/2019 First Seacoast Bancorp FSEA First step Prospectus
7/18/2019 Pioneer Bancorp PBFS First step Prospectus
8/15/2019 HarborOne Bancorp HONE Second step Prospectus
10/17/2019 Provident Bancorp PVBC Second step Prospectus
1/26/2018 SSB Bancorp SSBP First step Prospectus
4/20/2018 Columbia Financial CLBK First step Prospectus
7/12/2018 Mid-Southern Bancorp MSVB Second step Prospectus
9/28/2018 CBM Bancorp CBMB Standard Prospectus

Rob, it’s not on your list, but PBHC has been a rumored buyout candidate for a while. It’s a 2014 conversion.