Tiktok and Oracle

Well the removal of some uncertainty should give FSLY a boost.



Well the removal of some uncertainty should give FSLY a boost.

I hope it gets a boost but there still seems to be uncertainty on whether China will approve any deal with Oracle or others.

Also, why does Oracle want to own TikTok?

Does the Oracle Cloud service of servers, storage, networks, apps, and data centers in any way compete with Fastly or is Fastly product compatible with or integrated into the Oracle Cloud?

Will Oracle acquisition be a threat to Fastly ultimately losing the TikTok business in the US or does it solidify that business?

While any deal to prevent the shutdown of TikTok in the US should be good for Fastly short term I’m trying to understand if an Oracle deal will be good or bad for Fastly long term.

Would appreciate hearing some experts thoughts on this.

ClydeJ - long FSLY


Also, why does Oracle want to own TikTok?

A lot of old, rich, and past their prime companies become empire builders. Compare today’s Microsoft with the earlier DOS Microsoft. Compare today’s Google with the earlier search only Google. They become technology conglomerates and seldom leaders in the acquired fields.

The Tiktok uncertainty has been a problem for Fastly. I sure hope it’s soon resolved.

Denny Schlesinger


“Well the removal of some uncertainty should give FSLY a boost”

No doubt, at least for a moment.

Expect some drama still ahead on this deal and volatility in the stock. And as you intimate, Oracle control wouldn’t necessarily remove the 6% revenue risk to Fastly. i added on Friday because this whole TikTok thing is overblown as it applies to hyper growth FSLY.

A key question is, how much more/less is FSLY worth over the longer term with/without the TikTok account? My view is precious little difference. This 5% revenue risk to FSLY has always been small compared to say, Twilio losing the Uber account a few years ago.

Regardless, FSLY may have settled into a more normal valuation for rapidly scalable leaders among the cloud stocks. That’s OK by me.