Timing in life is ultra lucky or painful

I am getting very lucky…perhaps.

Turns out Blur.io was totally dominating the market against Opensea. I was looking into this late in the day so to speak as I wait for my drop on Opensea.

I read and read tonight and the headlines for months are on how Blur wont work with Opensea and visa versa. It is h&ll and more information than I need. Blur has taken all the major traders away from Opensea.

I am done for…all that work…and the money to buy is not at Opensea where I am…

Well no! Turns out Gem an aggregator bought by Opensea last year was rebranded by Opensea as…Opensea Pro…and now? All the traders have flocked back since the beginning of April to Opensea Pro.

Blur.io has drop from over 50% of the market to below 27% of the market in a few weeks. All the big boys are back at Opensea.

Pure dumb luck. I will take it.

What is making this work? At first Blur.io was offering an airdrop of tokens to those who traded on their platform. Those incentives are winding down.

Now Opensea Pro is offering the incentives. While the sun lasts I will make hay.

The continuing adventures. Elsewhere I am in some talks with artists on NFTs. The old guard do not have a hope of getting into this. There is just too much to it.

Telling my best friend in the space an old print salesman out of Santa Barbara that I went to my nephew an MIT grad in CS for help with my smart contract. He took one look at the smart contract, the language involved, the platforms I was using and bowed out. He apologized and said he did not know this stuff. I was on my own. It was rough.

It is going to work out in this coming week. It is going to work out. All of it goes live soon. I will give a summary of sorts. Thanks for tuning in.


I get the lucky or not part, but is it possible to translate the rest of it into a couple of sentences in everyday English?



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

give me twenty Doctor

How about a fist bump instead?



My schedule with this got set back today by three more days.

My json files were set up 1 to 200 as files. They needed to be 0 to 199 to accommodate the code in the smart contract.

The timing does not matter just the debugging here matters.

The json files are the metadata.

This entire exercise is a huge education. I will be doing this a second time for a different project this summer. I have had a design concept in mind since last summer.

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Separate piece of luck, eventually I will get around to my game development using Microsoft platforms. This news does not let the company get a much better advantage over the game developers.

NYT Dealbook by Andrew Ross Sorkin


Microsoft’s video-game bet suffers a huge blow

Britain’s mergers regulator today blocked Microsoft’s $69 billion takeover bid for Activision Blizzard, ruling that buying the maker of “Call of Duty” would give the tech giant too much control of the thriving market for cloud-based video games.