Tips for better read-ability on this board

This is an OT post but I feel it can help improve the read-ability of posts on this board.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the new format makes our old way of writing extremely hard to read.

Walls and walls of words.

A couple tips:

  • Make your paragraphs short. A 1-line paragraph can work better than a 4-liner.
  • Vary your sentence length. Some short. Some long.
  • Use bullets to reduce clutter.
  • Use the preview screen on the right when crafting your post. This shows you errors in formatting.

This is what I tried to do in my monthly review. CompoundingCed's Sep 2022 Review

Compare it with some of the later posts here: Why I exited Mongo - #2 by FinallyFoolin

You can see the difference. (No offence to the posters :pray:)

The reader is less tired from reading.

There’s definitely more effort involved in editing. But unless your name is Saul, it increases the likelihood of your post being read.

Hope this helps!


Another random tip that has been the #1 most helpful thing for me personally is to always click on “Latest” sort (at the top) when I’m in Saul’s Investing Discussions (category).

If you’re on “New” or “Unread” or “Top,” you only see one or two threads, or you see threads in a different order. I like to see all threads…and I like to see a consistent view every time. Using “Latest” sort still shows me what I haven’t read by moving a thread that’s been recently responded to (a response I haven’t yet seen) to the top.

Maybe that’s just me, but it has helped immensely so I thought I’d share.



To reinforce what Bear just recommended, I also quit using unread or top, and switched to latest, and it’s the only thing I use.